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Our company has been providing fatty acids, fats and oils since 1838. We are a well established company dedicated to quality products at very competitive prices. Please contact us for more information on our fatty acids, oils and fats.

Fatty Acids are organic, monobasic acids derived from hydrocarbons by the equivalent of oxidation of a methyl group to an alcohol, aldehyde, and then acid. Fatty acids are saturated and unsaturated (fatty acids, unsaturated).

Our company offers ricinoleic acids, dehydrated  castor fatty acids, and oleic acids, such as white olein and red oils.

Fatty Acids - Oleic Acids -- WHC 401

The OLEIC ACID, QsHaA, or C8HI7-CH:CH- [CH2]7 CO2 H, is an organic acid occurring as a glyceride, triolein, in nearly all fats, and in many oils, olive, almond, cod-liver, etc.

It appears as a by-product in the manufacture of candles. To prepare oleic acid, the olive oil is saponified with potash, and lead acetate added; the lead salts are separated, dried, and extracted with ether, which dissolves the lead oleate; the solution is then treated with hydrochloric acid, the lead chloride filtered off, the liquid concentrated, and finally distilled under diminished pressure.

Oleic acid is a colorless, odourless solid, melting at 14 and boiling at 223 (10 mm.). On exposure it turns yellow, becoming rancid. Nitric acid oxidizes it to all the fatty acids from acetic to capric. Nitrous acid gives the isomeric elaidic acid, C8H17-CH:CH-(CH2]7-C02H, which is crystalline and melts at 51. Hydriodic acid reduces both oleic and elaidic acids to stearic acid.



WHC 401 LT

WHC 501 LL




Titre C

6 max

5 max

Acid value (mg KOH/g)

196 - 204

199 - 204

Iodine value

89 - 97

95 max

Saponification value

197 - 205

201 - 206


1.5% max

1.0% max

Lovibond color(5)

20.0Y - 2.5R max

7.0Y - 1.2R max

Typical fatty acid composition (%):

Saturated C:








Unsaturated C:
















The typical carbon distribution of OL - ET is :- C16 : 2 -5 % , C18 : 3 - 5 % , C18 -1 : 65 - 70 % , C 18-2 : 15 - 20 %. OL - ET has wide applications in cosmetics ; ore processing (orthophosphates ; lime etc.) ; pharmacuticals ; grease ; lubricants ; cutting oils ; metal polishers ; textile auxilliaries ; carbon papers ; inks ; rubber & tyre industries.

In cosmetics OL-ET is used in shampoo-in-hair dyes and tints. Generally it is saponified by Ammonium Hydroxide or Trietholamine.

In compounding of metal working coolants about 1 to 3 moles of Diethanolamine is reacted with a mole of OL - ET.The reaction occurs at 300 - 325 0 F. The resultant Amides are a series of condensation products which are hydrophillic in nature.

In oil field technology , typically , an Acetylated inhibitor for oil & gas well is prepared by reacting Diethylenetriamine with OL - ET in 1:1 molar ratio and further condensation of the resulting product with Dilinoleic Acid.

In textile industry , OL -ET is used as a boundry lubricant in liquid form , to reduce boundry friction. This reduces the filament breaking and prevents fibre from damage thus increasing the strength of the yarn.

In carbon paper manufacturing , OL -ET is an essential constituent for dispersion of dyes & pigments . Typically 3 - 5 % of OL -ET is used alongwith waxes ; inks and pigments.

In light coloured lubricating grease 10 % OL-ET is used alongwith powdered Lime Hydrate ; doubly bleached montan wax : pale spindle oil . Similarly it is used in cutting compound paste.


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