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Our company offers many types of linseed oil, such as refined linseed oil, raw linseed oil, and boiled linseed oil. Our Oils and Fats Facility in New Jersey is cGMP certified. We are registered by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as a drug repackaging establishment -- all products are continually tested to maintain the highest quality.

A full-time in house quality control laboratory tests and analyzes incoming and outgoing products using methods prescribed by U.S.P., F.C.C., A.O.C.S., A.S.T.M., and via gas chromatography to verify that they meet the required specifications and industry standards.

Linseed oil is a yellowish drying oil derived from the dried ripe seeds of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum, Linaceae). It is obtained by pressing, followed by an optional stage of solvent extraction. Cold-pressed oil obtained without solvent extraction is marketed as flaxseed oil. It is suitable for human consumption, though not recommended for cooking and is used as a nutritional supplement which is high in omega-3 fatty acids, especially alpha-linolenic acid, and relatively low in omega-6 fatty acids, allowing it to be used to lower the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 oils in the diet, which may have health benefits.

Boiled linseed oil was used as a paint binder or as a wood finish on its own. Heating the oil makes it polymerize or oxidise more readily, effectively shortening the drying time. Today most products labeled as "boiled linseed oil" are a combination of raw linseed oil, petroleum-based solvent and metallic dryers. The use of metallic dryers makes boiled linseed oil inedible. There are some products available that contain only heat-treated linseed oil. These are usually labeled as "polymerized" oils though some may still be labeled as boiled.

As a wood finish, it does not cover the surface as varnish does, but soaks into the (visible and microscopic) pores, leaving a shiny but not glossy surface that shows off the grain. Wood treated with linseed oil only is resistant to denting, and scratches are easily repaired, but the wood and oil surface is not as hard as a modern varnish, and it slowly absorbs moisture if allowed to stay wet. Soft wood benefits from the protection from denting but requires more applications and even more drying time than harder wood does, if the grain is to be completely filled. The oil penetrates deeply and fills the grain, because it dries slowly and shrinks little or not at all on hardening. It is a traditional finish for gun stocks, however a very fine finish may require months to obtain. Oiled wood is yellowish and darkens with age.

Its uses include:

    Animal feeds
    Caulking compounds
    Brake linings
    Earthen floors
    Bicycle repair as a thread fixative and lubricant for the spokes of bicycle wheels
    Foundry products
    Leather treatment
    Polishes, varnishes and oil paints
    Animal care products
    Wood preservation
    Synthetic resins

Oil painting medium: Includes such varieties as Cold Pressed, Bleached and Refined.
The linoleic acid in linseed oil is used as a dietary supplement.

Linseed oil has a special cultural place in cricket playing countries as treatment for the raw willow wood used to make cricket bats.

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Refined Linseed Oil - Fair Dealing, Quality Products and Prompt Service
c GMP Certified - FDA Registered - Kosher





Specific gravity @ 25C



Iodine value


177 minimum

Saponification value


189 - 195

Acid value


0.3 max

Color Gardner

AOCS Td la-64

6 max

Our Refined Linseed Oil is an alkali refined, bleached and winterized oil with excellent heat bleaching properties. This product conforms to Federal Specification TT-L-115..

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